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Remember the time you were a child ? Your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, elder - they all took care of you. They showered you with unbridled affection. They sacrified for you. Have you done enough for them? You may have for your own old ones.But what about those who are too handicapped to take care of themselves?
The founder of S.V. Home for Aged, Ms.V.Sukuna is a person with a mission. Tounched by the sufferings of the old, she decided to dedicate her life. Though she was hampered by lack of funds, she plunged into the project with prayer. Miraculously, she found many who were willing to take up the cause along with her.
India has innumerable sick old men and women who are unhealthy and helpless. Poor and unloved, they are shunned by those who think of them as a burden. Such aged people are everyone's responsibility
A hospital is attached to the institution, managed by qualified physicians & paramedical personnel and is equipped with basic infrastructural facilities. The patients are offered free treatment and medical attention. Water beds are available for their comfort. Nurses are on hand all 24 hours.