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S.V Home For Aged
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S.V - taking up the cause  
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  S.V Home for aged is an organisation that has pledged to take up the cause of these hapless souls and care for them as best it can. It is registered Trust that commenced operations in 1992 with handful of sick old persons. Today it has about 180 aged men and women housed in buildings equipped with all facilities
V. Sukuna - The Benefactor  
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  The founder of S.V. Home for Aged, Ms.V.Sukuna is a person with a mission. Touched by the sufferings of the old, she decided to dedicate her life to their welfare. Though she was hampered by lack of funds, she plunged into the project with a prayer. Miraculously, she found many who were willing to take up the cause along with her. Despite the fact that she faced considerable hardship, she unflinchingly moved on and established the foundation of a highly noble project. She has sucessfully developed the organisation to its present flourished state.
The Beneficiaries  
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  The home is for an exclusive class of sick, old men and women. Those suffering from disease or debility are taken in. Most of the patients are bed-ridden and are housed in a separate buliding. Many of them suffer mental illness and schizophrenia. A good many are afflicated with various diseases and some are terminally ill.